Saturday 23rd-Wednesday 27th March
So off to Roma, down Salaria, in full knowledge of having to deliver the car to Avis *at Stazione Termini* !!! -- such courage !

Our trip had been planned for months; but since then, CGIL, CISL and UIL (the three largest trade unions in the country) had planned some nice entertainment for us on the day we arrived in Roma. But such as is our habit, we read about it, and were prepared.

Yep, The Demonstration to precede the General Strike (to be held in April) ... It was amazing: we knew that the demo was organised for the Circo Massimo, but we didn't understand that there would be many 'streams' of demonstrators massing at other points and making their way on the streets down there ... As we arrived at Termini, one of the main 'streams' was forming -- in the bus-parking area outside ! Didn't take 'em long to have numbers so great that they had to move off, down Via Cavour ... Where were we booked in to, do I hear you ask ...? right; a place on Via Cavour -- far end ...