And so back home ... The working in Italy thing hadn't been successful, on account of my lack of 'EU-ness'. I didn't pursue most of the interviews I'd pre-arranged, once I realised how useless it all was. Yeah, maybe a bit defeatist; but you simply can't buck the Italian system, I finally had to concede, *unless you know someone*.

The places where I'd had interviews were enthusiastic but relucant, or reluctant but enthusiastic, or something; but they simply couldn't hold positions for me when they had no confidence of being able to get the necessary paperwork through. In vain did I utter such phrases as "but I would only be here for a few months, and would be spending *all* the money earned here in Italy !"; they know their Scajola. And so do I, now.         

But at least both of us were possessed of a good deal more 'Italian-ness'. Can never have enough.

Will there be a next time, we ask ourselves ? -- and if there won't, how can we bear it ...?