When commencing to put together a travel Website -- this is my 3rd <|> -- I always agonise over the best way to do it -- and never feel confident of having chosen correctly ... This time I wondered if I should be presenting the text like a diary; you know, "We got up at 7 and enjoyed a delicious breakfast; then, having ensured we'd packed all we needed, set off for <Xxxxxxxx>." -- that kind of thing. But I read quite a few of those, and decided that the somewhat more laconic style suits me better. Get used to it. :-)

Our trip to Italy this time combined my deep-seated hope of gaining employment as a (qualified) teacher of English with our normal passion for travelling there (and in France !) and the double motivation brought an extra level of interest.

Tuesday 26th February
Great flying, it was, and *excellent* food. We'd booked as Alitalia passengers onto Qantas flights, and ate Neil Perry food. Can only recommend it -- but CS points out that it was better out of Melbourne than out of Rome, for