Monday 4th March
We took the train from Stazione Centrale down to Arezzo that Monday, a pleasant trip marred only by our stupidity in deciding to have lunch in the dining-car -- the cost was *slightly* more appalling than the food, but it was a close call. We shall never again be found seated at any train's "dining-room table", with cutlery -- or anything else.

Arezzo is super; we spent the Tuesday exploring its centro. It's the town where Roberto Benigni shot «La Vita è Bella», which only adds to its charm. In fact, there are publicity stills from the movie, enclosed in weather-proof frames, posted everywhere; here's where they shot the scene about Maria dropping the keys down from her apartment, and here they shot the scene where he tricked her into his car after the opera, and so on. For aficionados, it's great fun ! This centro is gorgeous (and the surrounding suburbs can be described as largely inoffensive): the predominant shopping is in antiques shops -- hundreds of 'em ! -- and some of the shops are