then -- always *say what you need* if you have any real needs !

Our (vegetarian) friends, who were in Roma for several days before us, had found a terrific ristorante -- Gli Angeletti, quite nearby. We ate there more than once, and enjoyed every mouthful.  But the one I remember best was Da Cleto, where we ate one night; for some reason, we had the giggles, and the English errors on the menu had us in (most impolite !) fits. However, I believe we were at least civil enough not to let the staff realise what we were laughing at, and *they* were friendly and charming. CS says that they liked the fact we were so obviously enjoying ourselves, and they plied us with free liqueurs after the meal -- which wasn't bad at all ! I do wish I could just say to someone, in places like that -- "Look; gimme the menu and I'll give you a decent translation !", but that would be telling them how funny the current stuff is ...

We two couples parted during each day, and met again each night, and thus their passion for art  and ours for places were both met and satisfied. And sometimes we'd go where they'd been, upon
their recommendation, and vice versa. An excellent way to share travels.

But this time we found the Eternal City to be too crowded for comfort, as I said at the beginning. We were glad we'd been there 12 years ago, and had clear memories of many places; for we sure as anything couldn't get within a stone's throw of some of them, this time ! Best things this trip were Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano, for its cleanness (and total lack of graffiti !), openness and brightness; the gardens of the Villa Borghese, where nearly all the trees were in leaf; and the monuments where there were only about *half* a squillion people, so that we could actually see them. Tried to take some 'different' pictures ...
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