showing the source -- just one of hundreds ! -- of  the problem; and CS achieved the same (no, better !) with a photo from the carpark in Montalcino ... Take my advice; if you want to be able to see the countryside with clarity, and then come back with photos you're totally happy with, don't go to Italy in March.

Navigation menu headings this time (as last time) are the cities/towns in which we were centred.

Travel was organised by CS' favourite travel agent, Katy Alexander: he reckons that anyone who, as she did, can put up with the number of changes he made to our flights -- dates AND carriers ! -- oughta get a medal. But this passing mention'll have to do ...

<|> The two previous ones are "Heart and Home" --; and "Heaven and other Places" --

CS took probably about 85% of all the photos on these sites; he also scanned everything in
"Heaven", and worked tirelessly and creatively to remedy the appalling job Kodak did producing this current lot of photos on CD.

As well, he re-structured "Heart" in Dreamweaver (rather than Drumbeat, which I use), and provides various bits of artwork. -- f'rinstance, he made all the wonderful frontispieces for each chapter in this site ! *And* he does enhancements to a lot of my stuff.

Basically, he's not half bad to have around when you're making a Website ...  :-)
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