mountainous drive back via Cottanello, finding on the way The Truck Graveyard. A sign of the times, this: were it not for the EU and its 'sponsoring', more than half the trucks sitting there would still be in use -- some of them looked about 2 years old !, but there they all were, waiting for some starting-out-type farmer to need 'em before he moved on to his first big handout ...

We were to meet old and dear friends in Rome, themselves travelling in Italy for the umpteenth time, and who had decided to meet up with us there; so we left Casperia to do that. On the way we went to Rieti (taking some fairly super shots looking down from the heights on the way), and I had another job interview -- which turned into two separate appointments. So we stayed in Rieti when we hadn't originally intended to, and found it to be a very nice town indeed !
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