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Welcome! This site is an impression of our trip to France in April/May 2004. The text is M-R's, the site design, graphics and most of the images are by CS ...  Together, we are  click to send email .

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The image galleries are in the form of 'pop-up' windows, if you have a 'pop-up' blocker installed you may have to turn it off, or hold down the Ctrl key whilst clicking the link to a gallery.

Click on any underlined placename on the following 'menu map' to proceed (I'd go to Paris first). You can use this map at will; but the site is actually set up for you to navigate simply by clicking on the underlined link 'next page' under each banner heading, or on the arrows each side of the picture headers. Oh, and don't forget to look at the photo gallery associated with each page: use the link below its main picture.

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