Paris 12e
Paris 6e
Some CS photos from our last two trips make a lovely photo wall, from which I derive endless pleasure
photos from France

I can write nothing more about our travels, here or anywhere else. They are done.

They were wonderful.

CS and I derived more pleasure from them than I can possibly relate: it was always our intention — as well as providing ourselves with some instantly accessible memories — that these travel pages should convey something of our joy.

Every now and then I long, with passionate intensity, to return to some of the places we visited together. I long more than anything to go back to Grignan, to Jean Luc Valadeau and his glorious little hotel, where CS and I discovered the true meaning of French culture, taste and all associated pleasurable things.

But I never shall. When I start to think like that, I have to remind myself that one isn't just transported there in an instant: there is everything involved in travelling that comes before... And everyone I know who does any international travelling, these days, tells me it's become hideous. We all know that the big airlines care nothing for their customers: it's only the shareholders who matter. Besides, I couldn't afford it. Besides, as well, I couldn't take my electric adjustable bed with me, and I have become completely used to it. No, I cannot travel again.

And the heart of it is that there would be no point, without CS. No joy in planning, no excitement and anticipation, no wondering what colour car we'll get, no talking about the food on the 'plane... No anything. No-one to share it with. And there could never be anyone but CS for that.

Still... We had these wonderful travels; they cannot ever be removed from my memories. CS and I, single person that we comprised, enjoyed them without reservation; we never regretted one cent of their cost, nor any one incident that was less than perfect... there weren't many...

But he was wonderful and beautiful, and I loved him with every fibre of my being. He brought me every moment of joy I can remember, and he didn't want to leave me.

My only regret is that I don't think I ever told him how he had opened up my life through these travels; how he had made me understand the smallness that can be life, and the hugeness... But he knew I loved him, of that I am sure.

May every traveller or would-be traveller who reads these pages experience just something of what we shared; there is nothing better to wish you.