The thing I remember most about this trip to Paris is the Métro; we thrashed it. We were down into either Nation or Picpus (we stayed in the Lux Hôtel Picpus) every day, without fail, and our destinations were many and various. CS very rapidly reached the boring stage of being able to tell me which stations are on which line ! Métro  trains vary -- you have the usual ones with your standard metal wheels, and you now have newer ones doing the classier lines; these run on *rubber tyres* ! True !
A friend of ours from the UK joined us in Paris; she hadn't been there for a very, very long time, which made us travel guides.  :-)
On Friday we trotted her off to the Musée d'Orsay, our favourite culture spot. On Saturday, we took her shopping; later we went Eiffel Tower-hunting, and found it ! That afternoon we took a boat trip down the Seine. On Sunday we visited the Bois de Vincennes (by métro, of course !), and it was the one perfect day of the six, weather-wise.
We'd gone there to see an animal display -- domestic animals only, for we three are all great fans of these. (It turned out to be quite dispiriting to a cat-lover to see cats in cages on display; I shall never go to another cat show.) As we arrived at the Show's gates, at the end of a very long walk
through the beautiful grounds, a goat with ornate horns burst from them, rushed madly at the nearest bush and proceeded to eat it in manic concentration. A security bloke arrived and yanked him ingloriously back inside after he'd caused great amusement (and reduced the bush quite a lot !). Later, out the back of the show, in the sun again, we found delightful dog trials in progress, that provided the enjoyment not found in the caged animals inside.
Next day, after l'Arc de Triomphe, we walked all the way back down the Champs Elysées hoping to find a nice place to have some morning-tea, but the only places open were full of smokers. I have to say that Paris is well on the way with its restaurants' "Fumeur ou pas fumeur ?", but sometimes there are just too many fumeurs ...
Over-all, Paris was fine, but not … thrilling. The weather wasn't much chop, which never boosts one's enjoyment level; and there is a certain feeling of obligation to *see* stuff ... It seems to me that it's far better/nicer to see things one HASN'T seen in magazines, films and TV when visiting famous places -- you know, ruins, vistas ... that kinda thing. I guess I'd rather be in the country ...
But it is a wonderful city, no matter what !