En route to Nolay, our overnight stay in Bourg-en-Bresse was fairly unmentionable ... well, not worth discussing ... other than to comment that the only food place we could find open that Sunday night [the patron of the (Terminus) hotel, when I 'phoned to order an item off the room service menu, screamed at me "y a PAS de salade Terminus !!!" as if it were my fault that the kitchen had run out of the only item that read like you could actually *eat* it] was a Chinese restaurant !!!; we ordered takeaway and were offered drinks while we waited ... but the drinks were bright blue, and contained something that looked like ... well, like a small tumour, to be honest. I know; I've seen 'em. I used to collect 'em in plastic bags (inter plura alia) when I was a path. lab. driver. So much for Bourg-en-Bresse --  a Swiss friend *had* warned us ...!  ;-)
Nearing our destination we crossed a wondrous little canal; canal boating ? -- great holiday ...!
We came in to
Nolay on market day. I only report this fact because it made finding our hotel a bit tricky; the market had entirely taken up the space outside it. When that finished, around 1:00pm, we found that we had a lovely big square in front; and the hotel itself was different from the normal run of French village hotels, and delightful. Our room
looked down into a lovely little garden courtyard, which we would like to have had the time to simply sit around in. The boss was a really nice lady who insisted we use her private sitting-room to view some TV: we wanted to catch up with the Games, and saw Cathy F. win the 400 (in replay, but it was 'live' to us !).
It's a very nice town, Nolay, but it's almost spoiled by having running through its centre the road that's used by all the freight-trucks doing their run between larger towns. These trucks can be, like, BIG; we sat in a nice, open-plan office in a nice, historic building, late one afternoon, doing e-mail, and watched with horror as two enormous camions passed each other, the one on our side of the road so close to the office's window that it almost grazed the sill. The proprietor treated this event with insouciance; she was inured to it !
We drove between Nolay and Dijon in rehearsal for the final dropping-off of our rented car, and saw some truly super wine country -- how not ? ... this was
the Burgundy region !
CS knew that once departed from Nolay, the wines would be behind us. He left with great reluctance, and we drove to our last "provincial" stopover, the attractive city of Dijon.