We approached our eventual destination, Grignan, via Barcelonette, along the river that is first the Ubaye and then the Durance, down in a glorious valley.
We saw hang-gliders pinned to the sky, their coloured wings seeming to be stilled in display ... But, again, we didn't know how long the trip would take; now we are enraged that we didn't stop to fix some of the images on film forever.
We went through Gap without getting lost; then passed Veynes, then Serres, then Rémuzat ... and suddenly the road was familiar ! -- we were approaching one of my favourite towns, Nyons. It was virtually 11 years since we'd been there (coming at it from a different direction), but it seemed like last week.
Then we passed the turn-off for Valreas, drove around a big sweeping bend -- and there it was ! Grignan nestled around its hill, with the Château at the top. What a sight ! We couldn't believe that anyone, seeing it, could bring themselves to just drive on by. Certainly, we didn't !  :-)
By sheer chance (CS-type chance !), the route we took into town immediately showed a signpost to our destination, so we parked and walked a few paces up-hill to Le Clair de la Plume, looking
exactly and precisely as it does on the Web. This B&B cannot be over-endorsed; Jean-Luc Valadeau, who runs it, is a quietly-spoken man, not large, of multiple languages and astonishing strength (he carried all our luggage, rapidly, up three flights of stairs, without even needing to puff when he'd got to the top !) and exquisite taste, as his hotel attests. He is also delightful, and enjoyable company.
From Grignan we explored outwards, lots of new places and some familiar ones -- and all, with no exceptions at all, beautiful ... some more beautiful than others is the only distinction possible !
Everything you do/see/eat at Le Clair de la Plume is an experience. And so is a meal at Le Poème, a restaurant where reigns Jean-Luc's friend, the chef of the golden hands; we have *never* had a meal like it, and it was CHEAP !!!
We left Grignan only because we had to.
We dragged ourselves off, and journeyed via various places CS wanted to see, like Crémieu, renowned for its mediæval buildings. But what we saw most of were louts driving about in hoon cars playing doof-doof music ! -- as if you need to go to France for *that* !
But it didn't spoil our memories of Grignan or of  Drôme Provençale -- nothing could.