We had decided to do something different from our normal tendency to remain in the romance countries; since our bookings included the return trip's being on KLM, and therefore its going via Amsterdam, we'd check out that town.
Added to which, I'd caught a mild 'flu, and fell into bed after half a day's perambulations; I remained there until we left. Grumpily, it must be noted: neither of us was impressed with the VERY expen- sive hotel we were in, nor with its weird heating, that necessitated leaving open our windows and thus having to put up with some goddam bells that chimed with an infuriating tune every half hour or so. (OK, so we demanded a different room and they gave us one: if the heating had been adjus- table, we wouldn't have had to do that.)
Should we have done it ...? Nope. We shoulda stuck to the places we *know* we like, rather than doing any experimenting. Amsterdam's many attractions are not for the middle-aged, but for the young and vibrant: unlimited recreational pharma- ceuticals, a really swinging night-life and a quite singular lack of variation in the "landscape" (see pictures below) meant this was not our favourite place to be.
No, Amsterdam was not for us, nor we for it, I am sure. We won't make that kind of mistake again, but happily restrict ourselves to France, Italy, and joy.
So there you have it. All. The lot. The whole kit'n'boiling. The trip we made to Europe to get away from being caught in the very middle of the Olympic Games. Did we enjoy ourselves ? -- you know the answer. Do we want to travel again ...? NOW. That's when we want to. Or maybe NEXT WEEK. We will, that's the one sure thing. And even *that* won't be the last time, not if we can help it ...