And so our fabulous European trip came to an end, with a pretty good flight back from Heathrow, via Bangkok (WHAT a thrilling airport *that* is ! Not.).
And would we ever get to go to any of those countries again, let alone cities or towns ...?

Would I ever be able to get onto another 'plane to be carried away ...?

Can life bring one more joy than we had experienced during this amazing trip ...?

The portal site answers these questions ...
I admit that I hadn't *entirely* been freed of flying anxieties, and spent a large part of that trip consulting my inner being. When we landed, I found in Customs a co-passenger; one who'd run part of my Fear of Flying Course ! I realised that if I'd known he was aboard, I would've been fine; and this window on my I.B. was of subsequent value ...
We'd kept our options open at the start, which paid off in letting us change itinerary at will. We'd had no dramas at all -- well, if you don't count my ear infection ... and even if you do count it, we handled that pretty coolly. All in all, it was a trip to remember, both in terms of the wonderful experiences it encompassed and its lack of problems.
We're not dreamers, we two; we told ourselves how lucky we had been to have had that journey ... Of course we came back with favourite places that we talked about more than others -- Rome, for instance, and Trani, and Hamburg, and Venice and Paris (the latter pair on CS' part, anyway !), and Provence ... Most of our trip, really !